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Prime Hotel Beijing is located at Wangfujing Street in Dongcheng District, is close to various attractions of Beijing, and offers complete facilities and conveniences to guests and let you enjoy the comfortable living environment feels like home.
Forbidden CityForbidden City, also known as the Imperial Palace, is home to 24 emperors in Ming and Qing Dynasties, since the third emperor of Ming Dynasty moved capital from Nanjing to Beijing, and until the last emperor of Qing Dynasty left it. During the long history, Forbidden City was regarded as the center of Beijing, including the power, culture, politics and economy. From 1406 to 1420, the Forbidden City is built with almost ten thousand rooms for working and living. Covering an area of 720,000 square meters, Forbidden City is the largest palatial structure in the world and the best preserved imperial palace in China. Now, it is well-known as the Palace Museum, collecting various treasures of royal China and displaying them to visitors.
Temple of HeavenTemple of Heaven is located at southern of Beijing, is one of the four temples in Beijing, including the Temple of Heaven, the Temple of Earth, the Temple of Sun and the Temple of Moon. The Temple of Heaven was the place where the rulers in Ming and Qing Dynasties worshipped heaven and prayed for good harvest. Since it completed until the Qing Dynasty, this temple had held 654 sacrifices to heaven of 22 rulers during the 500 years. They came here twice a year, on the 1 5th day of the 1st lunar month and on Winter Solstice. Temple of Heaven is regarded as one of the greatest architectural structures in the world, and it is also famous for the place where can talk to heaven in short distance. The architecture of Temple of Heaven has two themes, one is "on the earth", while the other is "in the heaven", which is the rule to build this complex.
Summer PalaceSummer Palace is the largest and best preserved imperial garden in China, is locate at Haidian District. Covering an area of 290 hectares, the garden consists primarily of the Longevity Hill and Kunming Lake. The whole garden is a veritable museum of garden type architecture of different styles from different regions in China, and is definitely a gem in the Chinese art of garden construction. Now, the Summer Palace is the garden opened to public, and tourists can enjoy the beautiful views as well as emperors, and the spring and summer are the best seasons to appreciate the views seemed like heaven in Summer Palace.
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Gathering Place of Chinese Art

National Art Museum of ChinaPrime Hotel Beijing is located at Wangfujing Street which is the most famous shopping area in Beijing, is one of the most welcomed hotels, and offers considerate service to every guest.

The reason why it becomes the popular hotel is it is close to many famous and representative attractions of Beijing, such as the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, etc. Besides these spots, guests in Prime Hotel Beijing also can enjoy the art atmosphere in National Art Museum of China which focuses on the collecting, displaying and studying the artistic works of modern artists. As 5-star hotel, Prime Hotel Beijing always becomes the hottest hotel choice for artists come to Beijing.

National Art Museum of China is a national formative arts museum, and Chairman Mao inscribed the name for National Art Museum of China and explicated the position and property of it in 1963. The main building of it imitates the style of old loft with yellow glazed tile roof and surrounded by lounges. The National Art Museum of China has bright national constructive style near Prime Hotel Beijing.

There are 20 exhibition halls from one to five floors and building area is more than 18,000 square meters. National Art Museum of China collects more than 100 thousand arts and the main arts are during the development of new China period. And it is also has arts of Ming, Qing and the start of the Republic of China. The arts in National Art Museum of China are art boutiques and the present arts of modern artists such as Ren Bonian, Wu Changshuo, Qi Baishi, Xu Beihong, etc. Besides, there are more than 1000 foreign art works in museum. You can enjoy the art atmosphere near Prime Hotel Beijing. During 40 years, National Art Museum of China has hold about thousand exhibitions in foreign and domestic.

National Art Museum of China is the best place to enjoy the local Chinese typical art and cultivate the spirit of art. Just living in Prime Hotel Beijing, you have great chance to visit the National Art Museum of China no matter in time and distance. Anymore, there are various interesting things around Prime Hotel Beijing, if you are carefully enough.

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Chinese Power Center

Located at Wangfujing Street, Prime Hotel Beijing is close to Forbidden City and Wangfujing Snack Street, is the ideal hotel choice for travelers and businessmen in Beijing.
Forbidden City
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Located at center of Beijing, Forbidden City shares the name of symbols of Beijing with the Great Wall, Peking Roast Duck and Silk Market. Also known as Imperial Palace, Forbidden City is the best preserved imperial palace in China and the largest palatial structure in the world. It is the imperial palace for 24 emperors in Ming and Qing Dynasties. Covering an area of 720,000 square meters, it is divided into Outer Court which used as the working area and Inner Court which used as living area, shares the name of World Five Palace with French Versailles Palace, English Buckingham Palace, American the White House and Russian the Kremlin. Forbidden City is the highest power center during five centuries, becomes the priceless historical witness of Chinese civilization in Ming and Qing Dynasties with garden landscapes and huge group buildings. Now, Forbidden City also called as the Palace Museum, collects various rare treasures of imperial China, especially the Exhibition of Treasures and Hall of Clocks and Watches, which record the luxury life conditions in ancient imperial China. It is a history book tells the history and culture of China in Ming and Qing Dynasties obviously.

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Prime Hotel Beijing

Beijing has lot of hotel that provide with luxury hotel facilities and good service to fulfill the tourists needs during their holiday. Here I will suggest one of the hotels that might suitable for you is Prime Hotel Beijing. Prime Hotel Beijing i
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s located in Wangfujing Shopping Avenue and also close to many Beijing’s famous tourist attractions around such as, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Beijing National Museum, Jingshan Park, Beihai Park and other interesting attractions around. Prime Hotel Beijing is a 5 stars hotel that offered 400 guests hotel rooms with various different types of rooms. The hotel will make your holiday become more fun and comfortable.
Prime Hotel BeijingPrime Hotel Beijing provide lots of facilities and amenities in each guest rooms includes, air conditioner, hair dryer, coffee tea maker, desk, slippers, sewing kit, mini bar, satellite television service, high speed internet and other facilities. Prime Hotel Beijing is suitable not only for business travelers but also for the travelers. Prime Hotel Beijing is also provides a business center, banquet hall, conference and meeting rooms, and many facilities to support your business matters. They have multi-function conference rooms in different sizes to meet your needs. It is the ideal place to hold seminars, business meetings and large-scale international conferences.

For relaxation, the guests will also able enjoy the hotel facilities during their spare time. Those hotel facilities are includes swimming pool, fitness center, sauna, massage service, karaoke room, mahjong room, beauty services and others. All recreation facilities are conveniently located on the 3rd floor of the hotel. Prime Hotel Beijing will also provide other facilities for example, 24 hours front desk, elevator, airport transfer, laundry service, gift shop, some restaurants, currency exchange and others.

For the guests who want to travel around Beijing, the hotel will also provide the hotel staffs that will help you to arrange your trip in Beijing. Prime Hotel Beijing also has many restaurants with different types of cuisine. Emperor Restaurant which is design to resemble an Imperial Dining Hall offer the Cantonese cuisine by the hotel chef and prepared to be treated like Emperor. Elysee Grill Restaurant, with some romantic environment you can enjoy both the French dishes and fine traditional cuisine. Not only has those restaurants, Prime Hotel Beijing also has other restaurants that become guests favorites. You can get the Prime Hotel Beijing reservation on our website with easy access. Hope you enjoy the holiday and have a nice day!

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Beijing Imperial City Wall Relic Park

Imperial City Wall Relic Park
Located at Wangfujing Street of Dongcheng District, Prime Hotel Beijing is a famous business 5-star hotel. Living in Prime Hotel Beijing, tourists have a good place to enjoy the ancient relic of Beijing in short distance. With superior geographic location, Prime Hotel Beijing is best choice for businessmen and tourists in Beijing.

The Imperial City Wall Relics Park is the largest city center park, sits at the center of Beijing. Opened to public in 2001, the Imperial City Wall Relics Park always attracts amounts of tourists including guests in Prime Hotel Beijing. Start from Changan Avenue in south to Pingan Avenue in north, the Imperial City Wall Relics Park is a large outdoor museum after the discovery of the Donghuamen Relics. After dinner in Prime Hotel Beijing, you can have a wander in the Imperial City Wall Relics Park to enjoy the ancient history and construction of old Beijing. Within the park, there are 40,000 square meters of lawn, 44,000 square meters of bushes and 78 varieties if various kinds of plants. These sceneries attract tourists including guests in Prime Hotel Beijing.

The Imperial City Wall Relics Park was built the site of the second city wall in Ming and Qing Dynasty, which seems like a green ribbon connects Forbidden City and Wangfujing business area. With the theme of green and humanity, the Imperial City Wall Relics Park reflects the development of history and progress of culture through many ways.

Taking advantage of terrain, the garden built 10 fold-springs. The 6 sculptures and 3 embossments in garden show the unique human environment and cultural vein of ancient Beijing. If you are free in Jade Garden Hotel Beijing, you can enjoy this ancient garden after dinner. Owing to close distance, you can walk to this park from Prime Hotel Beijing. If you have free time in Prime Hotel Beijing, I suggest you to visit this relic park!


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Houhai Bar Street

If Sanlitun Bar Street is a brand of popular, the Houhai Bar Street is a brand of culture. Whole-colored small hutongs and gathered at bay of sea without noisy music, Houhai Bar Street is an ideal choice near Prime Hotel Beijing. Prime Hotel Beijing is a 5-star hotel. Only melodious sing sound, cultural atmosphere owned by the generation after 80s and characteristic Houhai, Houhai Bar Street near Prime Hotel Beijing is another popular near in China. After 2003, the popularity of Houhai Bar Street increased fast that you can imagine. Guests in Prime Hotel Beijing will feel the real atmosphere of Beijing in Houhai Bar Street.

It is reasonable and safe choice to find the bar with longest history in Houhai Bar Street. All these historical bars have their own characteristics. Bar of Mr. Bai has best view of window-sideseat in whole Houhai Bar Street and it is a good place to enjoy the beauty of Shi Cha Hai. Bar of Mr. Qi will offer the reality of you with old but simple decoration. Zuo An is restoring these carful setting of ancient house. Living in Prime Hotel Beijing, Houhai Bar Street is ideal relaxation place.

All these bars have a common characteristic that the outside is very low key, but the inner is very different with outside. You will feel the style of bars is reaching perfect harmony with surroundings consciously. At same time, I even feel that the historic bars near Prime Hotel Beijing are telling the followers how to respect environment and keep reality by a kind of unusual quiet.

The most important is these historic bars gathered at the heart of Shi Cha Hai, which is convenient to make choice for tourists including guests in Prime Hotel Beijing. If you have enjoyed atmosphere of these bars and have free time in Prime Hotel Beijing, Houhai Bar and Guangfuguan in Yandaixiejie are also good choices.


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Beihai Park

Beihai ParkAs one of the imperial gardens, the Beihai Park near the Prime Beijing is one of the attractive scenic spots in Beijing with long history and well protected. Now it has had near thousand years’ history. Guests in Prime Beijing will get more there.

The Beihai Park was developed in Liao Dynasty and in Yuan Dynasty, there built the Wanshou Mountain and Taiye Pool. In Beihai Park, there is the exquisite pavilions, platform and visiting corridors. The Taiye Pool, Penglai, Fangzhang and Yingzhou in the park have special layout and exquisite creation. They are full of color. Guests from Prime Beijing said that there were spacious lake, green pine, fragrant flowers, pavilion and towers. They feel like in a fairy land there. On the Qiong Island, there is 67 meters high white pagoda and also the rockery, caves and so on. On northeast of the bank, there is also gaily-painted pleasure-boat, hall of heavenly kings and five-dragon pavilion and nine-dragon wall and so on. They are all worth visiting in your tour in Beihai Park. They all give deep impression to the guests in Prime Beijing.

The Beihai Park near the Prime Beijing inherits the tradition of Chinese gardens and it has the character of north China and south China style. The Beihai Park is the treasure of Chinese garden art.

For tourists in Beijing, the Prime Beijing is also a good choice to stay in during your tour. Located in the center area of Beijing, guests in Prime Beijing will visit so many resorts very easily. Do you want to have a visit of the popular spots in your Beijing tour in Prime Beijing? The Beijing landscapes site will bring your experience the classical scenic spots in Beijing with English speaking tour guide, pick up and drop off service, typical Chinese lunch and entrance tickets.

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Beijing Capital Theater

Capital Theater
Prime Hotel Beijing, a 5-star hotel, is located at Wangfujing Street of Dongcheng District. Prime Hotel Beijing offers excellent service and comfortable environment to tourists from all over the world. Around Prime Hotel Beijing, Capital Theater is a good place to relax.

Capital Theater, belongs to Beijing People Art Theater, is a professional theater. Capital Theater is the first professional theater performing drama mainly after the found of the Peoples Republic of China. Tourists can enjoy various dramas if you are free in Prime Hotel Beijing. Capital Theater was built in 1954 and designed by Lin Leyi. Capital Theater was built for large performance, drama and movie. In the architecture style, it took example by European and Russia, which expresses the perfect combination of oriental and western arts. You can feel the solemn and elegance around Capital Theater. Tourists in Prime Hotel Beijing can also appreciate the architecture art of Capital Theater.

Capital Theater near Prime Hotel Beijing covers an area of 0.75 hectares with building area of 15,000 square meters. It plat distribution is complete and main parts are distributed in axile wire. The central of front hall is a square hall and space for clothes, toilet and stair are in both sides. The second floor is circle lounge and third floor has banquet of music hall. Audience hall is rectangle with 24m in width, 26m in length and 12.5m in height. It has 1320 seats for audiences totally, among which there are 900 stalls and 402 floor seats. The tiring-room and waiting-place are behind of stage. There is a spacious rehearse room in backstage. The VIP room is on the side of stage with independent passageway and different with audiences.

Living in Prime Hotel Beijing, you can get Capital Hotel easily. Enjoying a drama is a better choice when you free in Prime Hotel Beijing.

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Tour in Wangfujing Street

Wangfujing Avenue starts at East Changan Avenue in south and ends at National Art Museum of China in north. Wangfujing Avenue is the most famous business area in Beijing. It is also a most famous business and snack street for tourists in Prime Hotel Beijing.

From 1996, government has extended and reformed Wangfujing Avenue near Prime Hotel Beijing, now the new Wangfujing Avenue has made a stage pose again which is invested over 1 billion RMB. Dongfang Square is her other landscape in Wangfujing area. The old Beijing Street is removed from 1st floor to underground 1 floor. The managed area is extended from 500 square meters to 2700 square meters. Its decorations are according to these styles of Ming and Qing dynasty completely, and it has 40 natural shops. One character of Wangfujing Avenue near Prime Hotel Beijing is that it owns piles of China time-honored brands. You can shopping and travel as much as you likes. Likes Eiffel Tower and Champs Elysees, Wangfujing Avenue near Prime Hotel Beijing has become famous not only in China, but also in foreign. For many foreign tourists, traveling in Wangfujing and climbing the Great Wall are essential schedule.

Walking in Wangfujing Avenue, tourists in Prime Hotel Beijing can catch sight of the wide main street with 810 meters, the ground that covers with red granites is clean and the lots of wires are disappear from people’s eyes. If you walking in Wangfujing Avenue near Prime Hotel Beijing, you can feel these meticulous cares. If you tired, you can have a rest on these independent seats; if you want to have a call, you can find many phone booths stand on the both sides of Wangfujing Avenue; if you have rubbish in hand, you can throw them in dustbins any time; if you do not know how to arrive to some place, the directions sign on road’s side. In one word, Wangfujing Avenue offers its best to tourists most in Prime Hotel Beijing.

All these well-decorated shops gather many famous brands from domestic and foreign. Beautiful goods and lively sculptures recall the youth of Wangfujing Avenue near Prime Hotel Beijing with over 700 years’ history, and they gather 0.5 million people at here every day. Tourists in Prime Hotel Beijing even in Beijing all want to watch the charming of Wangfujing Avenue. Wangfujing Avenue gathers many famous stores such as Department Store, Foreign Language Book Store, Danyao Mansion, Shengxifu, Donglaishun, Tongshenghe, etc. Visiting in Wangfujing Avenue near Prime Hotel Beijing, you will enjoy all wonderful things.

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Prime Hotel Beijing

Prime Hotel Beijing
Before your Beijing tour, you’d better choose a right hotel. A right hotel with comfortable environment and convenient transportation is the key to your Beijing tour, and it will make your tour much easier and happier. Let me show your Prime Hotel Beijing.

Prime Hotel Beijing, sits at Wangfujing Avenue, is a famous business five-star hotel. After comprehensive decorate, Prime Hotel Beijing coruscate gives new splendor, and the whole hardware ranks in first stage in Beijing. Prime Hotel Beijing is close to Wangfujing Avenue, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Jingshan Park, Beihai Park, and Capital Theater. It is 15 minutes driving distance from Beijing Railway Station and 45 minutes driving distance from Beijing Capital International Airport.

Prime Hotel Beijing owns 402 guestrooms including executive suite, special offer room, executive room, deluxe room and high-grade room. All these rooms are the biggest and the most comfortable in Beijing. All are equipped with complete facilities. The washing room has independent shower room. The international fashion black marbles appear luxurious and noble. The slight and soft advanced goose down quilt turns your sleep to be an enjoyment in Prime Hotel Beijing. There are safe, electric kettle, free mineral water, mini market and abundant TV programs such as CNN 24-hour News, HBO, ESPN, NHK, and Fenghuang Satellite TV.

The rebuilt lobby in Prime Hotel Beijing appears gorgeous and elegant, which has modern style. The lobby is very bright because of the grounded glass in 15m. The design on the top of Lobby with blue sky and white cloud is natural and harmonize. The quality of buffet in coffee house is beyond its price.

Prime Hotel Beijing also has several restaurants offer different styles’ delicious foods. Yuxiangyuan Chinese Restaurant offers authentic Chinese foods, especially the Guangdong cuisine. Tangren Bar is full of Chinese aroma. From displayed antiques, unique style’s tables and chairs, to exceedingly charming pendants on wall, everything expresses the unique characteristics in Chinese. Wangfujing Coffee House is famous for its world essence foods including snacks in different countries. Ailishe is a French Restaurant with European classical style. In Ailishe, tourists can enjoy the foreign romantic and authentic cuisines.

Prime Hotel Beijing is an ideal choice for tourists in Beijing tour, it is an interesting place to enjoy your life. No matter businessmen or tourists, Prime Hotel Beijing will offer their best services to you, and it is one of the best hotels in Beijing.

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